Lincoln Film Society


My husband, Danny and I joined Lincoln Film Society earlier in the year.  It’s a registered charity (No 1156478) with the Patron being  Lincolnshire’s own: Jim Broadbent.

To find out more about the society, visit their website, Lincoln Film Society or like their Facebook Page.  There’s only a limited period of time each calendar year when you can join the society, which show films throughout the year on a Friday evening, at The Venue which is part of the Bishop Grosseteste University who have their own film showings regularly open to the public.

Although the Lincoln Film Society is for members only, non-members are admitted to most screenings, usually 10 minutes before the film commences, non-members are given access to any vacant seats, for a charge. Whenever there is a ‘members only’ event, the programme or website will make it clear.

The Venue has a capacity for approximately 230, in tiered seating which provides excellent visability, there’s also a licensed bar where you can meet friends and enjoy a drink before, during and after each film;  a great place to sit and discuss the film!

At the end of each showing feedback slips are provided where members can rate the film as:

5 = Excellent (100); 4 = Good (75); 3 = Average (50); 2 = Disappointing (25); 1 = Poor (0)

The average score is then calculated and put on the website and Facebook page so members can see how the film was rated overall.  Interestingly, so far this year out of the 5 films we’ve seen, we’ve rated 2 films exactly the same but have had very different opinions of the other 3 films – so each film selected definitely will appeal to a varying audience, which makes each week so interesting!

Although I won’t go back and review the films we’ve seen so far this year, I’ll give you a few brief notes:

September 2016
16th – The Brand New Testament  – Danny and I had completely differing opinions of this film… I have to say I found it very strange and although I did enjoy it, the surrealness of the whole experience overshadowed my ability to enjoy it as much as he did.

23rd – Mustang – I thoroughly enjoyed Mustang although Danny wasn’t so keen;  I learnt a great deal about a different culture and gained a greater understanding of how other people live.  The depth which the film went into about other societies was enlightening.

14th – Rams – This was another thought provoking film that we both agreed on.  The way the film and the relationships within it were portrayed were brilliant, with so few characters.  Undoubtedly, the underlying feeling was that of how powerful love is…  I’m still torn even today, about the ending and what actually happened…….

21st – The Lobster – Danny didn’t enjoy this;  although I enjoyed the experience, it was another very different film and although it seemed to have a great start, it did get a bit lost and for me, lost its direction a bit towards the end…

28th – Sherpa – I think so far, this was our favourite film;  we make a pact that we don’t read any reviews or synopsis prior to watching, although Danny had an idea he thought he knew what the film was about (which turned out not to be the case!).  The cinematography and scenery was spectacular, although being a true, documentary style film, immersed us all into the events portrayed which in places was harrowing.

4th – Our Little Sister – Unfortunately we couldn’t attend this screening.


(all other reviews will be on separate pages)


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